Initial PETE Standard 1

Standard 1: Scientific and Theoretical Knowledge

Physical education teacher candidates know and apply discipline-specific scientific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of physically educated individuals.

Artifact: St. Mary's Lab Write-Up

1.3: Describe and apply motor development theory and principles related to skill movement, physical activity, and fitness.

       My reflections of the St. Mary's students were obtained in PED 201 - Motor Development. The information from the students was recorded and observed in the various lab write-ups. These write-ups represent my knowledge of understanding and the development of maturation in childhood. Through the study of movements, activity, and fitness level, I have gained a deeper understanding and knowledge of motor development. This artifact reflects my development as a teacher by showing a child's individual skill level, and my ability to assess the physical and social maturity on a professional level. 

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Artifact 2: EXS 197 NCAA History Assignment

1.4: Identify historical, philosophical, and social perspectives of physical education issues and legislation. 

       In EXS 197 Anthony was asked to research the history of the NCAA ad write a report describing its origins. In this paper he discussed how the NCAA came to be what it's known as and what it stands for today.
       The results of this paper show the history and origins of NCAA. It also explains how divisions I,II and III were developed in collegiate athletics.
       Being able to take this information and apply it to physical education is important because it means you know the history of collegiate athletics and as an educator, you're teaching more than just a physical skill. Providing history and information on the NCAA and the origins of college sports, provides students with a chance to get more from an educator than just learning skills and doing drills.

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