Initial PETE Standard 2

Standard 2: Skill and Fitness Based Competence

Physical education teacher candidates are physically educated individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate competent movement performance and health enhancing fitness delineated in the NASPE K-12 Standards.

Artifact: PED 380 Skills Test

2.1: Demonstrate personal competence in motor skill performance for a variety of physical activities and movement patterns.

       In PED 380 Skill Acquisition Concepts of Team Sports, Anthony was assessed in four skills for volleyball along with a game play evaluation. Before these tests, Anthony was pre assessed in all four skills to see his current abilities.
       The results from this skill test show Anthony's improvement of skills and the demonstration of his personal competence in motor skill performance over the course of the semester.
       Being able to take this information and apply it to physical education is important because it demonstrates the ability to learn and better the ability of one's self through practice and proper teaching of skills. Learning the proper way to execute these skills Anthony is now able to teach and demonstrate the proper way to execute a skill so students can be successful in the game of volleyball.

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Artifact: PED 182 Fitness Plan Cardiovascular & Flexibility

2.2: Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness throughout the program. 

       In PED 182 Health Related Physical Fitness Anthony was asked to develop a cardiovascular and flexibility plan in order to improve these aspects of his performance. Before developing this fitness plan, Anthony participated in a number of fitness tests to see his current abilities and used the information to develop the fitness plan in order to improve his level of fitness. This addresses NASPE Standard 2 as Anthony can use skill performance to determine a measurable goal to attain.
       The results of his workout regiment show that Anthony is capable of pre assessing students and creating/developing individualized fitness programs based on specific feedback from given tasks. 
       Maintaining a health-enhanced level of fitness is important for a physical educator because it demonstrates to students that you practice what you preach. It also gives them an example of the benefits a healthy lifestyle can have for an individual.

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